Autophagy is a constitutive, dynamic, bulk degradation process that is necessary for a number of processes in eukaryotic cells. During autophagy, long-lived proteins and organelles are engulfed by specialized double membrane vesicles (autophagosomes) and delivered to the lysosomes for degradation. Although constitutive, autophagy can be enhanced above basal levels by various stimuli, such as amino acid starvation.

We recently showed that SFV infection induces the accumulation of autophagosomes in infected cells (Eng et al., 2012). We showed that although autophagosomes accumulated, the viral proteins were largely absent from the vesicles and were not degraded in lysosomes. Further, although the rate of formation of autophagosomes was increased in infected cells, we showed that the autophagosome accumulation was largely due to a block in their degradation in lysosomes rather than a strong induction in their formation. Expression of the SFV glycoprotein complex was found to be necessary for the block of autophagosome degradation.

In 2010, we developed and published a flow-cytometry based assay for autophagic flux (Eng et al., 2010).  For more details, see under Protocols.

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