Immunology and Microbiology, Course number 1BI041 in the KI Biomedicine programme

Since 2009, Gerry has been the organiser and main lecturer in the Virology Section of the Immunology and Microbiology course in the KI Biomedicine Undergraduate Program. The section provides a comprehensive introduction to Virology as well as lectures on Viral Entry, Viral Genome Replication and Virus Assembly. A series of 3 lectures looks closely at the interactions between viruses and cells (Viral Subversion of Cellular Functions I: The Type I Interferon System, II: Translational Control and III: Cell Cycle and Apoptosis). A final series of lectures focusses on individual virus families containing important human pathogens. The course concludes with a 3 day laboratory demonstration.

Degree Project, Course number 1BI034 in the KI Biomedicine programme

Gerry is the main examiner of the Degree project course, 30 credit points and the final course in the KI Bachelor’s programme in Biomedicine. During the degree project the student will join an active research group at KI or in partner universities around the world, to perform discrete research projects related to the group’s research. The student should also participate in group meetings, seminars, journal clubs and other relevant activities in the workplace. During this time, the students are expected to further deepen their knowledge about the specific projects and also the subject area of the projects through reading relevant scientific articles. At the conclusion of the course, the students will submit a written report and give a short talk about their work.